About Us


Phil and Nikki Ackland.

We are both fully qualified personal trainers with a combined experience of over 15 years in the fitness industry. We formed our own business together several years ago with the aim of assisting people in developing their health, well-being and fitness goals. We strive to initiate and help maintain positive behavioural changes into better lifestyle choices in a safe, fun and welcoming atmosphere and have a genuine interest in your success.

At ‘reflexion health and fitness’, we’ll know your name, miss you if you don’t show up for a session and treat you like family (the family members you like). We listen and respond to your needs and will modify anything to accommodate your level of experience and fitness.


What you can expect from us as reflexion health and fitness:


We’ll be encouraging you to set healthier long-term habits that will have you feeling more confident about the choices you make in relation to your health and fitness goals.
To avoid developing an unhealthy focus aimed solely on appearance, you won’t see any before/after photos, weigh-in’s, measurements or “bikini-body” challenges. Being skinny doesn’t necessarily mean being happy and healthy. It’s a focus on how you feel rather than on a set of numbers.


We do not sell or endorse the magical properties of any “superfoods”, unnecessary supplements or products, and there will be no restrictive eating plans, elimination of food groups, calorie counting, or excessive workout regimes along the way. We will guide you towards a more considered and mindful approach to the food and exercise choices that are right for you.


Through the services we offer, we will provide you with the tools, support and advice, that will have you thinking about a healthier, active lifestyle, with a positive direction. It is our aim that your experiences with us are productive, worthwhile, fun and enjoyable.


So if by this point you’re thinking……”These guys sound awesome! How can I get involved?”
Ask us about our personal training, fun classes, online training, or running coaching options.



Personal Training

Group Training

Running Coaching

Event Specific Planning and Goal Setting



Kids Fitness



Athletics Australia Level 2 Accredited Running Coach

Certificate IV Fitness

Certificate III Fitness

Senior First Aid

THUMP Boxing Level 1 & advanced

ChiBall Instructor

Les Mills: RPM, Bodycombat, Bodypump, Bodyattack






Certificate IV Fitness

Certificate III Fitness

Senior First Aid

Pilates Instructor

THUMP Boxing Level 1 & advanced




ChiBall Instructor

Les Mills: Bodyjam, Bodypump, Bodyvive


Training Locations :

reflexion health and fitness studio
Corner of Railway Terrace and Gray Street
Mount Gambier