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Workout Of The Day : Tuesday

Nov 19, 2012   //   by Reflexion   //   Blog, Fitness, Motivation, Motivation, Workouts  //  No Comments

Equipment Required : None (have a clock, watch or phone handy for timing)

Spend 5min warming up. Maybe a quick and light run through of yesterday’s workout.

Each exercise will be done for 30 seconds each.

Take minimal to no break after each of the Star Jumps and move straight into the plank.

Options :
Plank/Side Plank can be done either on toes or knees.
Star jumps can be alternating steps to each side, with or without arms
Mountain climbers can be an alternating step in and out without the jump
* Choose the option that best suits your fitness level and physical ability.

Time can be altered up or down to suit your level.

How many rounds can you do?

*Choose options that make it challenging and safe, not just easier. 

*Check with your doctor if you are new to exercise or if you have any concerns.


*Mountain climbers : From the pictured start position, jump your feet up and quickly draw your back knee towards your chest. Repeat this action in a running style motion transferring your weight to your hands.

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Let us know how you go.

Workout Of The Day : Monday

Nov 18, 2012   //   by Reflexion   //   Fitness, Motivation, Workouts  //  No Comments


Equipment Required: None


Warmup :

Perform this circuit twice doing only 4 reps for each exercise.

The Workout :

Perform as a circuit. No rest between exercises. Rest for 1-2mins at the end. Repeat the circuit 3-5 times.

Stretch once your done. Nice work!



* Be sure to check with a your doctor before starting any new strenous activity and stay safe.

Don’t Forget How To Play

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Exercise For Gain.

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Spot Reduction : Hit Or Myth?

Mar 23, 2011   //   by Reflexion   //   Articles, Fitness  //  No Comments

The Quick Fix.

“How do I get rid of this area here?”

An often heard phrase by trainers and gym instructors from clients and gym members looking to lose their “Tuckshop Lady” arms (Thanks Kyle Sandilands for etching that phrase into our brains.), mid-section bulge or other problem area.

  • Sounds like a great idea!
  • What do I need to do?
  • When can we start?
  • Where do I sign up?

Not Going To Happen.

Ok. Here’s the deal. You can work on those areas and shape them up. But, contrary to any insomniacs friend, the late night infomercials, this cannot be achieved with any fancy shaking, rotating, buzzing, pushing or pulling device that somehow chews the fat from that one location on your body.

The only way to reduce the size of  a particular area, is to make an overall reduction in bodyfat with your genetics, hormones and  age deciding where the changes are going to take place first.

Common Exercise myths :

  • Crunches will reduce my waist
  • Leg raises will reduce my thighs
  • Tricep dips will shrink my arms

There is not a problem with using these exercises as part of a strength program, there is a problem if the reason for doing them is to spot reduce. You will strengthen and build underlying muscle, but the overlying bodyfat will remain.

So, What Do I Do?

Spot reduction aside, looking at the whole body, it pays to incorporate exercises that include just that. The whole body. Exercises like squats, lunges, pushups etc. utilize multiple muscle groups simultaneously, offering a more time effeicient and productive session. This will add fat-burning lean muscle mass to your body. Combine cardio sessions to your routine and keep a close eye on your food intake and you will be shaping, along with the rest of your body, those arms in no time.

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Reaching Your Goals : Surefire Way To Stay On Track!

Mar 15, 2011   //   by Reflexion   //   Articles, Fitness, Goal Setting, Motivation  //  No Comments


Excellent! You have that goal worked out. It’s locked in place. “I’m going to lose 5kilos in 10 weeks!”, “I’m going to run 5km in 12 weeks.” The first weeks kick off full of drive and excitement. “I can do this!” But then, the momentum starts to drop. “How am I going to make it?”, “10 weeks seems so long.”, “I want it to happen NOW!” Sound familiar? Well, just like with your goal, don’t stop know. Read on to find out how to stay on track and make it happen for YOU.

In a follow up to my previous post on goal setting, I’m going to talk about gaining consistency with your training schedule. The benefits and the reasons for maintaining a schedule to get results.

The first thing to do is to return to the goal you have set. If you don’t have one yet or would like some ideas on setting one, you might like to read my previous post here.

Is one killer workout going to get you there? Not likely, and if it is, maybe try aiming a little further. So what is going to get  you there?

Grab out your diary or calendar and highlight the end-date you have set for your goal. Now, working backwards from there, mark out your workouts like appointments that you just have to keep until you get back to today’s date.

With a regular schedule now in place, the next step is to choose the activities that are going to fill these spots. This will depend on your particular goal and the options are almost endless. (I’ll save that one for a future chat.) But in more general terms, one major factor in sticking to your schedule and remaining consistent is FUN!

  • Set your goal
  • Grab your diary
  • Make it fun
  • Stick to it
  • Target reached!

So… find some enjoyment in what you are doing. If there’s no fun in what you’re currently doing, try something else. Keep changing it up until you land on something that really works for YOU. The aim here is to make it a priority to keep those sessions that you marked out. Is housework a priority on most peoples list? No. Because for most people, this is not something they consider to be a whole lot of fun.

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.”  – Dale Carnegie

Once you find those activities that really make you feel great and get the heart rate ticking along, your workouts will no longer seem like a chore. From here, keeping up the consistency needed to hit your goal, should be a great deal easier and something that you will look forward to.

Make sure your friends and family are aware of what you are working on so they can help and support. Better yet, get them involved too. A sure fire way to add some extra fun and motivation!

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Have Fun!


Leaping Tall Buildings.

Mar 1, 2011   //   by Reflexion   //   Articles, Blog, Fitness, Goal Setting  //  No Comments

For this weeks post, I am writing about goal setting. Why goals are helpful and how to go about setting them up.

Why Set Goals?

Setting a goal provides you with a clear target, something to aim for.It’s the proverbial “carrot at the end of the stick” that keeps you on track. Without the carrot, you lack direction and purpose and are far more prone to distractions and complacency. With that clear goal, any time you hit a fork in the road, the way forward is a much simpler choice, as you know where you want to go.



How Do I Set A Goal?

So you know why you need a goal, but how do you go about this?

The first thing to do is to work out what it is that you want to achieve.

Do you want to :

  • Lose weight
  • Improve your fitness
  • Improve your eating habits
  • Run further
  • Run faster
  • Leap tall buildings with a single bound

Now while this is good, you really need to get smart and apply a little more structure and thought to make these changes happen and to turn your want into a goal.

To do this, I recommend applying  the S.M.A.R.T. principle. This stands for :

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

For example, if your aim is to lose weight, how much weight? : 5kg?, Over what time frame? : 10weeks?  is this achievable?

Now the desire to lose weight has become a clear and SMART goal. Losing 5 kilos in 10 weeks ticks all those boxes.

The goals you set are limited only by your imagination.

However, if you had the “leaping tall buildings” aim in mind, you may find that this one falls a little short. It’s specific enough, you can measure it, you may even want to do it tomorrow, but……..   .

“A goal properly set is halfway reached” – Abraham Lincoln

We’d be interested to hear about any of your own goals, or tips on setting and achieving them, so leave a comment below if you’re in a sharing mood. Speaking of sharing, if you liked this article, be sure to click on the Facebook and twitter icons on this page to share it around.

ps : Reflexion Health and Fitness in no way endorses the leaping of tall buildings and cannot be held responsible for any injuries or embarrassment that may be caused due to attempts to do so.

Get It Together People!

Feb 23, 2011   //   by Reflexion   //   Fitness  //  No Comments

And by “it”, I mean fit.

It seems fitting that in launching this blogging experience, while my wife and I are launching Reflexion Health and Fitness, our new partnership venture, that I begin by writing about training as a couple.

For most couples, it’s often the case in the beginning that one person in the relationship makes the decision to seek out and follow a new health or fitness goal and then works on introducing the idea to their partner.

This is pretty much how it came about for my wife, Nikki, and I. Nikki was the first to make the move on this one. Before long, turning the occasional gym session into regular occurrences. At this point, I had no involvement with exercise and Nikki’s repeated trips to the gym, for me, were frustrating and annoying. “Are you really going back again?” was a common question. The answer to that question was always an equally annoyed “Yes!”

So, moving along,  this situation wasn’t working out so well. Then the challenge was put to me, more than once before I took it up, to try the gym for myself. “You might even like it.”

To cut a long story short, I did try the gym idea and I did even like it, which means she was right, and fitness has now become something that we work on toghether rather than argue over.

There are many advantages in sharing your fit and healthy lifestyle with your partner with the most beneficial of these being the shared experiences that you have along the way.

Other benefits of working together :

  • Helping each other to stay motivated
  • Stress relief
  • Increase in energy
  • Setting and striving for mutual goals

Many activities are on offer to allow training together, some of the  options you may want to consider :

  • Bike riding
  • Hiking
  • Tennis
  • Group fitness classes
  • Boxing

So if your finding it hard to start a new exercise routine or stick to that healthier eating plan on your own, try putting the idea to your other half. They may surprise you or themselves. Then, as a team, the plan should come together a little easier.

Feel free to add to the comments below and include any favourite workout activities that you do as a couple.

What are your favourites?

There are many more that are not on this list, why not share a few more?