Posture For Runners

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Good posture is an important factor to consider when running to reduce the effects of fatigue, lessen injury risk, and therefore, keep you running for longer.

If you’ve done a few group fitness classes, the term “shoulders back and down” may be so familiar that you don’t even listen to it anymore. If this is you, or you’re not familiar with the term, it’s an important point to take on board. Moving down the body from there, don’t allow your hips and pelvis to sit or roll back. Think of holding a plank or hover but in a vertical position.

The forward lean is the next aspect to add to this improved posture. This lean will have you working with gravity to move forward rather than fighting against it. It’s important here to focus on tipping from the ankle rather than the hips as you start to run.

A handy way to get a feel for this lean is to stand just out from a wall, keep your elbows at your sides with your hands in front facing the wall. Setup your posture as mentioned above and then slowly tip forward until your hands rest against the wall in front of you.

You will now find that this position will have your body closer to being over the top of your foot as it lands, reducing the chance of landing too heavy on your feet and over-striding. There will be less “braking” effect from each stride and you will be allowing gravity to assist you in moving forward.

It should also be noted that each individual runner is a little different from the next so there will be some variations to these techniques that may work a little better for some.

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