Personal Training

Personal training is a great way to achieve the goals that are specific to you.

We take the time to discuss your exercise history, medical background, current fitness level and future goals before devising a plan that accommodates these factors to quickly get the results you are aiming to achieve.

When choosing personal training with us, you won’t simply get a template style “workout of the week”. Each session is pre-planned and structured to achieve a specific objective. You will receive technique coaching and direction as well as explanations pointing out the reasons and benefits behind your program.

We always aim to work alongside our clients to create workouts that are, not only tough and challenging , but fun and enjoyable as well.

We also offer specialised training for running, pilates or boxing if you want a more focused approach in these directions.

Location : reflexion health and fitness studio (details on our “About” page)

Contact us about training options and packages.