Running Arm Swing

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Running is about more than just your legs. Paying attention to the way your arms move as you run is important to create an efficient running style while maintaining momentum, rhythm and balance.

Things to look for:

Arms should be relaxed with roughly a 90 degree angle at the elbow. Aim to maintain a motion with your hands in the direction you are traveling while avoiding bringing them across the midline of your body. Any excessive rotational movement of the arms towards the middle of your body will need to be counter-balanced by your torso and hips, using excess energy to maintain the forward motion that you’re after. Think of running in either a straight or a zig-zag line. Which one is going to be a more efficient way of traveling from A to B?

Keep your shoulders relaxed (back and down away from your ears) to avoid building tension through your neck and upper back, then think of driving backwards with your elbows rather than pushing your hands forwards.


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