Trudi Takes on Tough Mudder


HELLO Potential Mudder!!

Welcome to my brief overview of my experience of Tough Mudder, Spring 2013, Phillip Island.



I am a 38 yo, single mother of 4 young children, who was looking to challenge myself, test my depth

of character and give myself an extraordinary experience like nothing I’ve ever done before. So, I

participated in and successfully completed Tough Mudder, Spring 2013.

I believe ANYONE who has the desire, the heart, and the guts to have a go, CAN do Tough Mudder.

Age, weight, fitness, strength, height, size, are not a barrier to this event.

Being a team player, determined, willing, and mentally tough will get you through.

Making the decision to enter Tough Mudder 2013 was a very exciting, slightly hesitant, but easy one.

However the journey leading up to the event and the event itself were not quite so easy.

I remember speaking to friends who had already participated in Tough Mudder and their enthusiasm

and encouragement was infectious. From these discussions, and the invitation from reflexion

fitness to join their team, I somehow found myself an official entrant in Tough Mudder Spring 2013.

My fitness and weight was not where I would’ve liked it to be and I was struggling with some

personal issues. My intentions were to be mentally strong and physically in peak condition in time

for Mudder. It didn’t quite happen that way, and I am pleased to let you know that this wasn’t

entirely necessary to compete in this massive challenge.

Nikki & Phil Ackland of reflexion fitness were the creators of the team, Mud, Sweat & Fears. With

their guidance, support and instruction, I was able to, despite my fears, anxiety and doubt, continue

to be a member of the team. Their grace and encouragement were what stopped me from pulling

out of the team in the lead up, when the task ahead seemed overwhelming and self-doubt was

taking over.


The Mudder Itself!!

WOW what an amazing experience Tough Mudder was. It was EPIC. Tough Mudder takes you out of

your comfort zone and challenges you physically, mentally, and personally. Once in the Start Pit, the

true meaning of the Mudder starts to become clear to you. The reassurance you receive is priceless.

Basic Rules of Mudder to Live By:

Do NOT worry about your time to complete the course, It Is Not a Race,

You are here to challenge yourself and push through your fears.

ANY obstacles that you are uncertain of, or know you cannot do, go around them, come back next year and try them.

Don’t do anything reckless in your attempt at an obstacle.

No Mudder is to be left behind! If you see a person struggling or needing help, your job is to help them.


Tough Mudder is designed among other things, for camaraderie, so that you need to rely on each

other for help to get through some obstacles.

I experienced this generosity of spirit, and support not only from my team but so many people

during the course.

No one is trying to beat you, push past you or hurry you along. It is at your own pace, in your own

time, sharing the challenge with thousands of people ready to help, and be helped.


My Irish Angel

An amazing example of the true Mudder spirit, came to me when I needed it the most.

We were swimming out into a small lake, in freezing, deep water to dive under three rows of barrels,

one row at a time. I got half way to the barrels and started to doubt myself and turned to swim back

to the land, saying to my team mates “I cant do it, I’m going back, I cant do it”. With that an Irish guy

behind me, (complete stranger) looked straight at me and said, “Yes you can, come on I will do it

with you, I will hold your hand, count to three and I will pull you under, ok!?” A bit stunned by it all,

I just agreed and sure enough, on the count of three he pulled me under the first row, he let me

catch my breath, made sure I was right to go again, counted to three and pulled me under the next

row. I came up, short of breath, spluttering water, he patiently waited for me to be ready to go

again, on three, pulled me under the 3rd and final row. I stood up in the shallow water trying to gain

some kind of composure, before I could even thank him, he turned to me, said, “great job! Well

done” and with that he ran off continuing on his way. I still am blown away by his generosity and his

immediate action. He didn’t hesitate whatsoever. I am so grateful to him, It felt great to have

completed the obstacle.


So you can see, my success is due to many people along the way and during the event.

The incredible patience, support and experience of Nikki & Phil of reflexion fitness, is, I would have

to say, the reason I entered Tough Mudder, remained in the team, and was successful on the day. At

no time did they apply any pressure to be, do or perform any differently to the effort I was making.

They shepherded the team & its members along the way, with the sole purpose of just sharing this

incredible experience with you, as successfully as possible. Their generosity of spirit is something I

will never forget and am filled with gratitude for.


Fears were conquered that day, challenges were faced head on, and I walked away proud of myself,

for stepping outside of my comfort zone, for pushing my limits and proving that I am capable of so

much more than I realised. I proved to be a great role model for my 4 children, and set an example

to them and my peers that great things can come from ordinary people, if you are just willing to put

yourself out there and give it your best shot.


As much as I was in a team, the challenge was a very personal intimate journey discovering more

about myself and my capabilities. And rising above my self-doubt and insecurities.

I stand here today not only having participated in TM 2013, but successfully completed it as well.

The experience was unlike anything I have ever done before; it was grueling, challenging, mentally

tough, physically tough, scary, long and arduous. And, it was empowering, inspiring, awesome and


Hope to see you out there, if not in Tough Mudder, then in some other personal, epic challenge that

you embrace for yourself.


Good luck.