Workout Of The Day : Tuesday

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Equipment Required : None (have a clock, watch or phone handy for timing)

Spend 5min warming up. Maybe a quick and light run through of yesterday’s workout.

Each exercise will be done for 30 seconds each.

Take minimal to no break after each of the Star Jumps and move straight into the plank.

Options :
Plank/Side Plank can be done either on toes or knees.
Star jumps can be alternating steps to each side, with or without arms
Mountain climbers can be an alternating step in and out without the jump
* Choose the option that best suits your fitness level and physical ability.

Time can be altered up or down to suit your level.

How many rounds can you do?

*Choose options that make it challenging and safe, not just easier. 

*Check with your doctor if you are new to exercise or if you have any concerns.


*Mountain climbers : From the pictured start position, jump your feet up and quickly draw your back knee towards your chest. Repeat this action in a running style motion transferring your weight to your hands.

If you like this workout, why not share it and challenge your friends…..

Let us know how you go.

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