Workout Of The Day : Wednesday

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Equipment Required : None (have a clock, watch or phone handy for timing)

Again, spend 5min warming up. Some general activity to get you moving.

Today’s exercises will be done in pairs.

Complete 3-4 rounds of set #1 then move on to 3-4 rounds of set #2, followed by 3-4 rounds of set #2.

Time : 45 secs for each exercise

1. Lunges / Arm Circles

2. Toe-reach Crunch / Alligator Pushups

3. Fire Hydrant / Superman

When you’ve completed the workout, spend another 5 mins stretching and cooling down.


* Arm Circles : Arms stay out wide. Continuous SMALL rotations with your hands.

* Alligator pushups : Knee comes in towards elbow then back out alternate sides. Pushup in between knees or at the same time for intensity.

* Fire Hydrants : Knees under hips, hands under shoulders. Knee moves out to one side then down. Movement is from the hip.

* Superman : Alternate arm and opposite leg raises

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