Workout Of The Day : Thursday

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 The 300

 Equipment Required : None

This workout will have you completing 300 reps to complete a full-body strength and cardio hit.

Complete the circuit 5 times through to hit the 300 mark.


* Side Lunge : Keep feet facing forwards as you step out sideways. Brace your abs, return back to standing. Alternate sides.

* Bicycle Crunch : Bring one knee towards your chest while the other leg extends. Aim your shoulder to the opposite knee.

* Tricep Pushup : Hands shoulder width on the ground. Elbows should brush against your ribs on the way through.(options-knees or toes)

* High Knee Run : Run on the spot. Knees to waist height. (option-stay grounded with your feet and march to lessen impact)

* Be sure to check with your doctor if you are unsure about any existing injuries or conditions before participating in physical activity.

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