Workout Of The Day : Friday

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 Fighter Fit Friday

Equipment Required : None

The workout for today is a great one if your missing your Combat class fix.

Warmup for 5 minutes before starting.

Take your time with each exercise on the list paying attention to technique allowing short recovery between each one. It’s more important to be safe than race to against the clock.

Take about 1 minute rest at the end and repeat for between 3- 5 times.

Spend 5 minutes cooling down and stretching at the end.





*Burpees : From standing, hands to ground while kicking your feet back to a plank. Reverse this move before finishing with a jump and reach at the end.(Option-step feet back and in, keep feet grounded for the jump)

*Punches : Jab/Cross Hold a boxing guard and fire off quick punches from your cheeks. Should be a pivot on your toes and a lift of your heels as you throw each punch and back in.

* Be sure to check with your doctor if you are unsure about any existing injuries or conditions before participating in physical activity.

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