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Payment Options

Weekly memberships
Weekly memberships give access to any, and all, reflexion online classes as they are offered on our current revised timetable.
Memberships are currently available for $10 per week.
Due to popular request, we have now also added a 10 pass option for $100
Click the button below to visit our membership hub, choose the “store” option, and activate your new membership or 10 pass.

* If you have previously been attending our studio classes, you will already have an existing membership profile and wont need to create a new profile. If you need help logging in, contact us to receive your login details.


Single/Casual Class Attendance
Our Standard class rate is $10

Further Info

All online classes are currently being delivered via Zoom unless otherwise stated.
Zoom class links are provided to members in the notes section of each class as you book in.
Please always ensure that you have a clear, and safe space for each at home class when participating.


Encouraging you to set healthier long-term habits that will have you feeling more confident about the choices you make in relation to your health and fitness goals.

Through the services we offer, we will provide you with the tools, support and advice, that will have you thinking about a healthier, active lifestyle, with a positive direction. It is our aim that your experiences with us are productive, worthwhile, fun and enjoyable. So if by this point you’re thinking……”These guys sound awesome! How can I get involved?” Ask us about our personal training, fun classes, online training, or running coaching options.


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