Active Communities Classes

A series of classes suited for those looking for less focus on the intensity of their exercise, and a greater focus on improving their range of movement through daily activities.
These classes are held at the Cycling Club Hall next to Vansittart Park.
You will find the schedule of these classes by viewing the timetable.



Designed to increase strength, flexibility and balance, through fun, engaging movements and exercises. Even though it is a group environment, the program is made to cater to all individual fitness needs and abilities as well as enhancing social and mental wellbeing.


Through gentle exercise, this class is aimed at assisting in falls prevention, by working on strength, flexibility, balance and movement. This class will provide the ideal opportunity to increase your physical activity in a friendly and social environment.


A dance-fitness class, which is the perfect choice for a fun loving people. The moves are low/no impact and moves are broken down in a slow and manageable manner. The intention of the class is to move a little and have a lot of fun.


Consisting of slow, fluid and circular movements, which strengthen and mobilise joints and muscles resulting in improved physical and mental relaxation. Especially suitable for arthritis and dementia sufferers. Other advantages include improved balance, concentration and mental wellbeing.